Deen Capital Management, Inc.     Our Goal: Outperform the S&P in both up markets and down.
Our Goal: Outperform the S&P 500 in both up markets and down.
Our Result: +60.9% for the 60 months ending January 16, 2020 (vs +80.8% for the S&P)
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Managed Account Service

To Open A Managed Account. Please contact Deen Capital at 800-353-4990 or

How It Works. First, a client opens a brokerage account at E*Trade Financial. ( This could be a personal or joint account, an IRA, a trust, or a corporate account. Then, the client authorizes Deen Capital Management, Inc. to place buy and sell orders on his or her behalf.

Minimum Investment. The minimum initial investment is $100,000.

Commissions. Through a special arrangement with E*Trade, Deen Capital clients pay only $5 per trade.

Management Fee. Deen Capital charges a quarterly management fee, payable at the beginning of each quarter. The fee is based on assets under management at the end of the prior quarter, and is calculated as follows:

  • 0.5% per quarter (2.0% per annum) for the first $500,000.
  • 0.375% per quarter (1.5% per annum) for the next $4.5 million.
  • 0.25% per quarter (1.0% per annum) for funds after the first $5 million.

For example, the annualized fee on a $1,000,000 account would be 1.75% per year (2% on the first $500,000 + 1.5% on the second $500,000). Clients may pay by check, or they may have the Deen Capital management fee paid from the account. Please note that our stated performance numbers since 1994 are net returns after fees and commissions.

Statements and Reports. Clients receive at no extra charge:

  • A detailed e-mail report (if requested) from Deen Capital every week. These e-mails include:
    • A performance update on your account, including your current account value, year-to-date gain, and gain since inception.
    • Detailed information on any gains or losses realized during the week.
    • A detailed list of all stocks held, including buy date, buy price, current price, and paper gain (or loss).
    • The cash balance in your account.
    • Mr. Deen's market commentary.
  • A letter and performance update from Deen Capital every quarter.
  • An end-of-year tax report from Deen Capital every January.
  • A confirmation from E*Trade for every trade.
  • A statement from E*Trade every month.